About Helen

Helen Brady lives in a small, ancient town in Warwickshire, sharing her house with a Manx cat called Logan. ‘The Fabulous Zoo’ is her debut novel, the first of a proposed series of five about Rag and Boyd and their travels beyond the Veil.

An avid life-long reader of science-fiction, fantasy and history, Helen’s long time influences are Alan Garner, Bernard Cornwell and JRR Tolkien. She has two grown-up children, and when she’s not writing, she’s a volunteer, sorting costumes as Head of Wardrobe at her local independent theatre.

Rag and Boyd: The Fabulous Zoo

Their mother dead, their father missing – Morag and her brother Boyd are packed off to live with Wulfric Kennetson, their parents’ childhood guardian.

Uncle Wulf seems stern and strange. He’s the laird of a remote castle in the far north-west of Scotland; his family retainers are unusually short, his two huge dogs have dark green fur. There’s an enormous, mischievous cat, a tame crow called Duffy… and the animals Rag and Boyd discover in the castle’s secret backyard are even more fantastic.

Beyond the ancient castle walls there’s another strange and beguiling world… There are fabulous creatures from legends, and peoples they’ve only read about in folk-tales, but in this world all of them are real… and many are far more dangerous than Rag and Boyd realise.

ISBN 978-1-914913-33-4
Published by Conrad Press
Available as a Kindle download, from Waterstones or from Krisostomus