Many thanks to all those organisations who have helped us film Calling the Tune

ATR provided the location for many of the scenes involving the Kubelwagen and motorcycle combination.

They also let us use a post war Percival Sea Prince aircraft, which was re-purposed as a Lockheed Hudson, a light bomber which was also used to supply resistance fighters in France

Thanks to Nigel Ford and Catherine Taylor for their patience and enthusiasm

Coombe Abbey has doubled as a Loire Valley chateau. It has added terrific production value. Thanks to Ron Terry and the team for all their help

King Edward VI Grammar School, Stratford-upon-Avon

KES allowed us to shoot in their magnificent bar, alongside their concert hall, where there is a mini-grand piano. Ideal for replicating a music school in 1980

Thanks to Stefan Wesley who let us convert his bar into a 1940s French bar. This fabulous location needed little alteration to cover modern features

The County Council let us use their basement corridors to add atmosphere and disquiet, with prisoners being escorted under armed guard into interrogation cells. Thanks to Colin Jones for his cooperation

The Iron Works, Warwick

Henk Mulder of The Iron Works was most generous in giving us access to the bar's cellar, which became a Gestapo interrogation centre

It's not easy to find old rural buikdings that look like 1940s French farm buildings, as found in the Loire Valley. Andy Gallon has helped us fill the gap

A wonderful location with a grand piano.

Thank you to the very helpful staff there, especially Nicola Norman

Check out events there

Visit the Severn Valley Railway. It's a great day out with wonderful volunteers and cooperative and knowlegeable staff.

Highly recommended. Location and events on their website

Emma Gazey-Lewis

Thanks to Emma for the use of her barn - and sheep !

Churches Conservation Trust

Huge thanks to the CCT who allowed us to shoot the wedding scene at All Saints Church, Billesley - where William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway may have been married